Alternative MedcinE

"The body should not be treated worse than the soul" Hippocrates (460 -370 BC)

Everybody should take care for the body  in the same way as for the soul. Often people forget that everbody has an individual idea of happiness or wishes to live a special way which makes themselve happy. If this is not the case, this can also can be a reason for a disease. Then the soul is in need for healing, for hope and it seeks for the belief that everything will turn out fine. If there is an intention to live a positive life, it should be a life which the soul wishes to live. Then there will also be a successful treatment. Here we also try to help and to find a way.

who we are

We use natural medicine and we follow our principle  "made by nature for humans".

Our focus is the cell environment and to regenerate them in such a way that the body returns to its natural function and natural defense.

What we do

We know how to use plants and keep our knowlege based on the most recent reasearch findings.

We use new methods for the detection of pollution and other causes of illness. After intensive diagnostics, we discuss the therapy and treatment.


We like to help you with any questions you have about your health.

Appointments are only made by (telefone or e-mail) agreement. Please contact us.

We love, what we do

In finem omnia bene est. Si non est bonum, non est finis. In the end everything will turn out fine and if it is not fine yet, then it is not the end.

Disclaimer: Most diagnostic methods and therapies that I use, are derived from natural medicine and are part of alternative or complementary medicine, which are not fully accepted by the conventional medicine in Germany. Methods and evidence of effects are seen as insufficient or not scientifically acknowledged from the perspective of conventional medicine in Germany. Each reader should achieve his own opion. If I name developers or authors, this is only for a better understanding of the therapeutic method, but there is no intention to advertise with these people.