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We are working with several partners and we are continously in communication with innovative advanced training networks and research-based therapists. It is our intention to advise you in the best way and to find the best treatment for you.


Your Naturopath

Sylvia Domack, Naturopath, Complementary Medicine, Frankfurt, Germany, Brasil
Sylvia Domack - Naturopath

My name is Sylvia Domack and I studied natural sciences at the University RWTH Aachen. After my studies I worked worldwide for several years in various management positions. At a turning point in my life I followed my heart and true profession and I intensively studied medicine and alternative healing methods. In this time I supported many people in different and sometimes very difficult situations with coaching, therapy or advice.


among other things the methods of modern naturopathy have helped me to heal my own serious illnesses. These methods have impressed and inspired me to achieve the authorisation to work as naturopath in Germany and from then on I have been working as a healer in the field of psychotherapy since 2003 and in field of complementary medicine since 2008. My main activities are:

  • Advice for ingredients in food supplements
  • Nutrition and gastrointestinal disorders
  • Burnout and sleep disorders
  • Drainage and detoxification of heavy metal 
  • Anti-aging and hormonal imbalances
  • Therapy of talking shapes
  • Mobbing and conflicts
  • Guiding past lifes and forgiving procedures
  • Light therapy (crystal bed)

The regeneration of body cells are the focus of my work - because where the health starts!


Beside the use of modern laboratory diagnostics and application of modern cellular and mitochondrial medicine, my intention is to find the reasons of the health problems and to solve them in the best possible way. In particular, I support you in treating mental patterns lying behind the diseases and if desired to change them long-lasting.