Zentrum für Frieden e.V.

Comunity Lichtall. German page. The association has the purpose to establish a temple of light, love, healing and peace in order to promote a meeting point and hotspot with the highest spiritual frequency for developing inner growth and raising awareness.

Friends of the Casa de Dom Inacio

The purpose of The Friends of the Casa is to support the work of Casa de Dom Inacio and to share the information about the Casa with other people in the world.

Frankfurter Ring e.V.

German page of a comunity to find lectures, workshops, courses and concerts for body, mind and soul.

Geistige Welt. TV

Spiritual Word TV. German page about competence in spirituality. A portal for consciousness development. You find many different topics, interviews and medial messages.

Zentrum der Erdenhüter Kristalle

Center of Earthkeeper Crystals. German Page where you can find detailed information about seminars with gem stones and crystals.